Recent Adoptions!

Meet our recent adoptions:

Trooper has a great new home with new parents and a new sister!  Way to go Trooper!

Riley has a great new home with a sweet Pom sister and has settled in nicely!


One of our former fosters, Lester, has moved to Germany, and is quite the styling dog!


DELILA:  She went to her new home last weekend and they are thrilled with her.  She now has a new human dad, a canine sister and 8 1/2 acres to play in!


Our foster saved from the arts and crafts festival has been adopted.  She has wonderful new parents who are delighted to play with her and her tennis ball (her favorite thing) and loves taking her to the dog park.  Looks like CiCi found the right place at arts and crafts to lead her to her perfect home!

Gabby;  Gabby is a delightful little yorkie that came to us with almost no hair and flea infested…she had so many fleas she had chewed off all the hair she could reach.  She’s been treated and now has a great new mom and two yorkie siblings to play with.  Excellent Gabby!

Remember Gabby?  She is the yorkie that helped us at Arts and Crafts on our home page!  Amazing what a loving family can do.  She’s beautiful!





Ritzy was adopted in record time!  We had a flurry of folks who were touched by his story and he now has a great home with a new mom and dad and a canine sister!

Nutmeg:  Remember the Spice Pups?  Ginger, Nutmeg and Sage.  Well, Sage was the first adopted and her new mom loved her so much she came back and adopted Nutmeg.  Now they get to stay together forever!


Check out Ritzy’s pic below from his new home…happy and healthy!



Joey, The sweet little Senior Peke has a home!  It was love at first sight for the retired Grandmother who adopted him…now he’s out of the bathroom where his former owner kept him and snuggling on the couch!  Way to go Joey!




Teddy…Teddy, the sweetest little 5 pound Pom who was the star of arts and crafts has found a new home!  He has a Pom sister Holli, and his new Mom adores him (they had his shower yesterday)….more pics coming!

Teddy hanging out in his new hiding space!

UPDATE on Teddy 7/4;  Look at him in his patriotic new hat–have you ever seen anything cuter?


Teddy napping in his new home above.  Teddy playing with his new bff!


Joey has a new home with two human sisters and a human brother…he helps their mom take them to school every morning!  UPDATE 9/14/2013;  remember Joey?  We saw him at our vet’s this week-Dr. Sewell (he was just there for the routine stuff)–he’s doing awesome!


Poppy (now Julio) went to his new home on Christmas Day!  Anyone that’s ever said Christmas wishes don’t come true, doesn’t know Julio!

Julio and his new sister!

Meet Pippi…Pippi is a delightful Yorkie that came to us with heartworms, having obviously been used as a breeding dog.  She had tons of mammary tumors.  After treatment she is fine and settled in her new home.  She has a mom who adores her (she sleeps on the pillow next to her mom every night) and a big sister, Dani, who’s got her back!


Ginger;  One of the original Spice Pups has a great new home!

Della;  A delightful King Cavalier who now has three human siblings to call her own!

  Check out Della, above, happy at the beach with her fur-ever family (7/2012)

Max:  Max is a sweet little dog who now helps his retired dad enjoy life and greets his mom every day when she gets home from teaching special needs children. Way to go Max!


Remember Buster?  The dumpster pup from the cover page?  He’s almost a year now and my how he’s grown!  He’s happy and healthy living with his new family!

Chloe!  Chloe now lives with her 4 canine siblings and her human brother (with a soon-to-be adopted little brother (human ;-)).



Sage, another of the Spice Girl puppies, has her fur-ever home!



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